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OK, while watching MLP episodes earlier today, one of them was "Hearth's Warming Eve" (yes, I was watching the Christmas special in April, deal with it). During one of the scenes, Private Pansy (Fluttershy's character) addresses Commander Hurricane (Rainbow Dash) as "Sir". Later on, however, Pansy says (about the Commander), "I don't really hate her, I just really, really despise her." So was the Commander male or female?

I'll probably have people say I've answered my own question, but then a few things came to mind.

1. This is a Christmas episode, and normally at Christmas pageants and pantomimes are performed. I don't know about pageants, but pantomimes usually have cross-playing characters.

2. Referring to number 1, we are never given Pansy's gender either, so this character, being in the army, may have been male him/herself. Although with this case I'm more towards the female side because Pansy is a girl's name.

3. Pansy's use of "Sir". This could be because Pansy is scared of the Commander, and is addressing him/her as "Sir" as a mark of respect. I'm not sure if women with power like this can be referred to as "Sir", so someone back me up on this?

4. Pansy referring to the Commander as "her" may have been a slip-up on Fluttershy's part, after all, she had stage fright before the play. Or it could be because the Commander is played by a female, he/she is addressed as "her" so that viewers don't get confused.

5. The genders of the characters in general. As noted above, we are not made clear of Pansy's gender either, and the same can be said for Clover the Clever, Chancellor Puddinghead and Smart Cookie. Ignore the fact they're played by females based on point number 1. Then again, shouldn't the leader of the Unicorn tribe have been the mentioned King rather than a Princess? It may be likely that all 3 leaders were female, in order to show that women have equal power as men, despite the story itself taking place centuries ago. After all, MLP is generally aimed at young girls despite the age/gender of most viewers.

As you can tell, I have mixed opinions on this. If someone could try and clear this little debate up, that would be grateful.

It doesn't exactly help with the various art/fanfics out there. Various have portrayed the Commander as male, but is female in others, which means other people may be as confused as I am.

So... Commander Hurricane, Male or Female?
Well, since I joined DA I thought this would be the best chance to use my journal :)

How to Hire Me

I am available for:
*Editing audio projects (fandubs, audio plays, etc.)
*Casting assistance for said projects (i.e. finding voice actors for said projects)

And I will do it for free!!!!

The most important rule for hiring me is that you should provide a deadline, so I'll know when to finish by. I am available most of the time, however if something's coming up where I won't have time (e.g. If I'm going on holiday), I'll let you know.

Please provide me with an email address to send the finished project to. Depending on how large the file size is, you may receive the finished product via

If would like to email me please contact me at with information about your project and I'll see what I can do.

Editing Hire Info

Please provide me with the following:
*A copy of the movie/TV show that you wish to fandub, or a link to a website where I can download it from (if you are working on an audio play ignore this)
*Links to the voice actors' pages so I can contact them about sending lines (unless you already have their lines)
*Any music/sound effects you wish to use

I edit with Sony Vegas, however if you normally use another program to edit that shouldn't be a problem. Simply send me the source materials (as listed above) and I'll edit from scratch.

I normally send completed movies in parts roughly around 15-25 minutes long. Sometimes I do this with TV shows too but as some are around this length anyway it's not much of an issue.

Editing Songs

If there are songs involved, have the singer(s) perform vocals acapella (i.e. no background music) and provide an instrumental track. You may have to provide a link to the original version.

If it's an original song, please provide vocals yourself and send the following:
*A full version with all vocals with instrumental in the background
*A vocal track for each character (so I know when they come in) with instrumental in the background
*Instrumental backing track

I add vocal effects in order to give the song a professional quality. I DO NOT provide autotune, unless you wish for me to.

Casting Assistance Hire Info

If it's for a fandub or an audio play based on something, please send me a sample of what the character(s) you are casting sounds like so I can try to find someone who sounds similar to them. You don't have to describe the character(s)' personality, but it helps so I know what kind of character you are casting.

If it's for an original audio play, you must provide me with details about the character (e.g. Their personality, what they should sound like etc.) and provide lines for people auditioning to read.


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As you can guess from my username, I am based around the world of fandubbing, and other voice acting.

I am an editor and don't usually dub myself, though I have done a few dubs in the past. I only really give my voice if it's an emergency, like if someone needs an extra person really bad or if people in my own dubs aren't sending lines etc.

I am currently working on 2 projects: a fandub of Disney's The Aristocats, and a fandub series of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... but TWO versions! A Mare Version (normal dub) and a Colt Version (genderbent).

I am available for hire if you need someone to edit your fandub/audio play, etc. and can help with casting if necessary, so feel free to let me know.

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